Program Overview

You can now download (pdf) the final program of IEB 2017.
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The list of posters for poster-viewing can be downloaded here. (pdf)

September 13th – 15th, 2017
on inner ear biology

The workshop will cover all traditional topics of inner ear biology, but will also include topics of central auditory neuroscience, and topics of therapeutical interventions in the auditory system.

Further topics:
Cochlear anatomy and function / New optical methods / Middle ear / Development / Genetics / Comparative hearing / Modelling / Cochlear mechanics / Regeneration / Cochlear and central auditory prostheses / Vestibular system / Tinnitus / Membranes and fluids of the inner ear / Mechanical stimulation of the inner ear / Drug delivery / Aging / Protection / Pendred syndrome

The workshops starts Wednesday at 1 p.m. and ends Friday 6 p.m.

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Social Program

  • The Welcome reception will be on Wednesday, Sept. 13th, 2017, Zoo (Meyers Hof)
  • Science meets Art: On Thursday, Sept 14th, 2017, visits of Wilhelm Busch Museum
  • Congress Dinner will be on Friday, Sept. 15th, 2017, Schloss Herrenhausen
Feier auf Meyers Hof Datum: 13.10.2008 Fotograf: Christian Wyrwa
Meyers Hof, Zoo Wilhelm Busch Museum Schloss Herrenhausen